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Orchestrale Nota Commercial Espresso Machine

Orchestrale Nota Commercial Espresso Machine


  • E61 grouphead:
    • Hot water circulates from the heat exchanger through the grouphead and back to keep the grouphead and your portafilter nice and hot.
    • The lever on the grouphead allows the operator to pre-infuse the coffee with water from the heat exchanger. Please note that true pre-infusion requires a direct water connection (possible when connected directly to a water line) whereby the water pressure from the water line creates the true pre-infusion.This model has passive pre-infusion when utilized in reservoir mode where the steam pressure in the thermosyphon tubes pushes water through the coffee grind.
    • The grouphead is elevated from the drip tray to accommodate tall cups. Space between portafilter spout and drip tray grate is ~4.5". There is an attachment for the drip tray to accommodate smaller cups. Space between portafilter spout and drip tray attachment is ~3".
  • Large 3 liter copper boiler: The larger the boiler, the more steaming capacity the user has for entertaining and superior temperature stability over machines with smaller boilers. At 3 liters, this model is on of the largest boilers we have seen for a home model espresso machine.
  • Removable water tank: Accessible from the top right of the machine for easier access as opposed to other espresso machines where it is located in the back. Open top reservoir allows you to easily clean the inside. Sensors will detect if the water in the tank is low.
  • Boiler pressure gauge: Indicates steam boiler pressure. Measures from 0 - 3 bar.
  • Pump pressure gauge: Indicates brew pressure during espresso extraction. Measures from 0 - 16 bar. Please note that the only time this gauge should be looked at is when extracting espresso. At all other times, the reading is irrelevant.
  • Multi-directional steam wand and hot water wand: Allows for more flexibility. The wands are not insulated and thus provided faster steaming/frothing of milk over 'no-burn' steam wands. Rubber grips are attached to each wand. The wands are activated by turning the rotational knobs counter-clockwise.
  • Three way manual solenoid valve: Allows quick removal of portafilter after espresso extraction.
  • Commercial grade rotary vane pump and motor: Necessary for hooking up to a water line. Allows for quieter operation over a vibration pump.
  • Large Sirai pressurstat: Located near the top back. Easy access by removing the top panel.
  • Indicator lights: Left green light is for power. It turns on to indicate the machines is on. Right red light is for water. It turns on to indicate the water level in the tank is low. You will also hear a very loud beep. They only way to turn the sound off is to either turn the machine off or fill the tank with water. Rocker-type on/off switch.
  • High-grade overpressure valve: Allows excess water pressure to drip tray.
  • Stainless steel frame and body panels: Made of AISI 304 steel. Satin-finished. LED lighted back panel.
  • Accessories included: Single spout portafilter (58 mm), 1-cup filter basket, double spout portafilter (58 mm), 2-cup filter basket, blind filter basket, grouphead cleaning brush.


  • Measurements: 17.75" H x 14.5" W x 18" D (45 cm H x 37 cm W x 46 cm D).
  • Weight: ~66 pounds (30 kilograms).
  • Power: 1500 watts, 120 volts, 60 hertz.
  • Boiler capacity: 3 liters.
  • Water tank capacity: 2.8 liters.


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