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La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine Brass 16 Cup

La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine Copper/Brass 16 cup 

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The stunning design of this machine is sure to turn heads. This is a seriously vintage espresso maker.

Impress your friends and demonstrate to them the most authentic way to enjoy espresso. Brew with precision using the mounted pressure guage and the nickel plated, solid brass boiler.

Using the La Pavoni manual lever machines define what it means to ‘pull a shot’

Now you can learn in your kitchen. Enjoy incredible espresso and master your barista skills. The La Pavoni manual lever machines take practice, there is no doubt. But soon you’ll be enjoying world ranking espresso in your kitchen.

So it goes with lever espresso machines, known for the distinct flavor profile they produce and the alluring purity of their design. Making espresso with lever machines requires refined and deliberate movements, and for a moment, a trance-like focus that transcends our space-time continuum.  

A true expression of art and science

Lever machines allow for a better extraction from the grounds. In doing so, with the La Pavoni lever machines you can create the richest flavor profiles, intense aromas and highest quality CREMA (don’t forget to use coupon code CREMA at checkout).

Elegant. Stylish. And an experience to savor. The pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship.

The La Pavoni manual lever machines will take you back in time. Pay homage to the pioneers of espresso as you experience what it was like to make espresso over a century ago. Compelling design and wood grain on the handles feel good in the hands.


    • This machine has a 16 cup (shot), 38oz or 1.6L nickel plated, solid brass boiler
    • Dual frothing. Choose from the manual steam wand or the automatic frother that attaches 
    • Pinpoint the perfect pressure with the mounted pressure gauge.
    • Choose your brew capacity. One or two cups
    • Internal thermostat controls the pressure
    • Piston operated. No pumps here, it’s human power.
    • Nickel plated, solid brass boilers allow for an even distribution of heat
    • 1 year warranty

Not built for speed...

If you’re the go-go “I need my morning Joe” type person, this machine is likely not for you. Slow to warm up to steaming temperature, allow for 5-15 minutes. Worth the wait if you’ve got the time!

Pick the right grinder. Very important!

If you’re going to pull top quality espresso shots, your choice in grinders is paramount. The fineness is crucial for manual lever machines. For best results, use ceramic burr grinders. They produce less heat and have more grind settings.

Over 30 nationwide repair facilities available

Be rest assured. Help is nearby. Marino Espresso would be more than happy to put you in touch with a qualified service technician within our network.


Boiler type
Nickel plated, solid brass boilers
Reset switch Internal re-set switch in case of overheating
Warranty 1 year warranty
Power ETL listed. Volt 110, Watts 1000
Dimensions Weight, 16 lbs. Height 12"
Manufacturer Country Italy

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