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ECM Germany Controvento Double Boiler Commercial Espresso Machine

The Controvento with dual boiler and PID temperature regulation!

The Controvento is the first dual boiler espresso machine from ECM Manufacture in Germany. With its new, extravagant design, it veers away from the classic look and races "against the wind," as the name implies. The Controvento makes a statement like no other!

The temperature of the coffee boiler and the steam boiler can be regulated separately via the PID display - this way, each coffee lover can find their own perfect temperature. Because of the quiet but strong rotary pump, the Controvento is a good fit in an office or espresso bar.


  • Switchable from water tank to direct water connection.
  • Dual safety thermostat on both boilers.
  • Gicar brain unit for each boiler.
  • Two insulated stainless steel boilers (one for coffee brewing, one for steam/hot water).
  • Equipped with a quiet rotary pump.
  • LED illuminated Lucite back plate with "Controvento"-lettering.
  • ECM brew group (patent pending).
  • PID-display for the individual temperature regulation of both boilers.
  • PID-display indicating the brewing time in seconds.
  • Boiler pressure gauge.
  • Pump pressure gauge.
  • Dedicated on/off switch for the steam boiler.
  • Automatic low water shut-off for reservoir.
  • Drainage hook-up for residual water.
  • LED illuminated Lucite back plate.
  • Removable cup warming tray.
  • Large drip tray.
  • Accessories included: single spout portafilter, dual spout portafilter, 1-cup filter basket, 2-cup filter basket, blind filter basket, plastic tamper, plastic scoop, grouphead cleaning brush, parts needed for connecting to water line (water line hose, drain hose, elbow fitting & nut).


  • Measurements: 17.75" H x 22" W x 25" D.
  • Weight: 88 pounds (40 kg).
  • Output: 1x 1200 W, 1x 1400 W, 115 volts.
  • Stainless steel coffee boiler: approx. 0.75 liters.
  • Stainless steel steam/hot water boiler: approx. 2 liters.
  • Water tank: approx. 3 liters.


        When shopping for this espresso machine, please keep in mind that 1st-line Equipment stocks 
many spare parts 
      for this machine so 1st-line's customers can be serviced if there are any problems. Please keep in mind the selling dealer is responsible dealer in the selling country is for providing the service and warranty. ECM Germany does not have a worldwide labor warranty and will not ship parts directly to customers worldwide. Hence, it is best to check the dealer's web site for spare parts.


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