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Ascaso Steel Uno 'Special Edition' Versatile Espresso Machine Brushed Stainless


This is the same machine as the Ascaso Steel Uno Professional except that it has a smaller brass boiler (~225cc) and a 57mm portafilter grouphead and handle. This machine's three way solenoid valve only acts to relieve the pressure in the grouphead immediately after the extraction is complete. However, by design, it will not dry the extracted puck as well as the Professional version of this machine. On the flip side, this machines does a much better job with E.S.E. espresso coffee pods when compared to the professional version.

Please note that when comparison shopping, please make sure that the Ascaso Steel Uno Special Edition Versatile has a three way solenoid valve. There are some instances where some machines brought in the USA did not have this three way solenoid valve and sold at a slightly cheaper price.

There is approximately 30-60 second wait time to go from coffee mode to steam mode (after depressing the steam switch in). After steaming milk, the user can depress the steam switch out. After placing a cup under the steam wand, the user can rotate the steam knob to the 'on' position, and the pump will automatically activate so that the 'too hot steamed water' exits and the temperature of the boiler can be brought down to make additional espresso. This also needs to be done so the heating element does not burn out.

This steam knob feature in coffee mode makes it very practical for preparing Cafe Americanos.


  • Brushed stainless steel finished body over a black enamel painted steel frame.
  • Water reservoir removable from right side of machine
  • Brass boiler capacity: ~225cc.
  • Brass boiler is located directly over the brass grouphead.
  • Brass filter handle with plastic grip.
  • Gauge on front panel reads temperature range of boiler and allows user to find right temperature for the coffee grind at hand. This feature also allows for achieving repeatable results.
  • Slide out drip tray made of plastic for easy cleaning (please note drip tray cover is part of machine. Front portion of pull out drip tray is in brushed stainless steel.
  • Three selection switches: power on/off, espresso extracting, and coffee/steam mode.
  • Vent in top rear of machine allow heat near water reservoir to escape.
  • Blue lights indicate power and heating element energized.
  • Three-way solenoid valve allows the immediate removal of the filter handle when the espresso extraction is completed. The three way valve also allows the user to backflush the grouphead.
  • Swivel based steam wand allows easy rotation of steam wand over steaming pitcher (recommended 20 oz or less) on counter or placement over drip tray.
  • Frothing aid attachment makes it easy to froth milk for cappuccinos. It is not recommended to remove this attachment to steam milk as the wand will be too short.
  • Single steam tip attachment allows steaming milk for lattes and those wishing to learn
  • Passive cup warmer on top with guardrail.


  • Measurements: 10 1/2" W x 14 1/4" H x 12 3/8" D.
  • Water tank: 2 liters.
  • Bodywork: Brushed Inox Steel.
  • Recommended tamper size: 57mm
  • Approximate Unit Weight with portafilter: 25 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 36 pounds
  • Voltage: 120V.
  • Power: 1200W.
  • Pump Pressure: up to 16 bar (only 9 bar is needed to make espresso).
  • Coffee thermostat: 100º.
  • Steam thermostat 140º.
  • Steam pipe protector so one does not burn his/her fingers when touching the steam wand.
  • Coffee solenoid: no drip.
  • Accessories Included: filter handle with dual spouts, single cup 57mm filter basket, double cup 57mm filter basket, plastic tamper (57mm), 53/57mm Ascaso Aluminum Tamper, frothing aid attachment, single hole steam tip attachment, pod filter basket, instruction manual, Ascaso Descaler/Cleaner Packet, and quick start guide.


  1. The instructional manuals for Ascaso are printed for worldwide distribution and covers almost every model produced worldwide. With this in mind, there may be features, accessories, or colors available in Ascaso equipment in other countries, but not available in our models produced for the United States.
  2. Temperature gauge - the temperature gauge on the front of this machine should be used as a relative guide on how to make the best out of your espresso machine. Since temperature measurement is a science, a comparison with measuring water at the grouphead will definitely yield different results.
  3. Please note there is no rail across the top rear of the machine as shown in the picture. The reason is that it can impede the opening of the water reservoir cover.
  4. This machine can only use single dose E.S.E. (easy serving espresso) pods. Double pods and regular coffee pods will not fit in this machine.
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