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Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

It’s really quite simple.

It all comes down to what you want. Once you figure that out (and we will help you of course), your choice will be crystal clear.

Ask Yourself : What do you want?

  • Pod & Capsule Machines OR aromatic, rich, sensational fresh beans!?
        • If Pods & Capsules the choice is easier, visit the Pods & Capsules section. The best savings on the internet are waiting.
  • Would you like to grind the beans yourself or would you prefer a built in grinder?
        • If built in grinder, check out our Super Automatics, they are proof the robots are taking over. You don’t need a human to make the perfect espresso anymore! #humansneednotapply
  • How many coffees will you make per day or hour?
        • You want to make two major considerations here
          • Convenience while using the machine. For instance steaming and making shots simultaneously.
        • Durability & Quality of machine. If you plan to use the product a lot, for instance coffee after coffee, hour after hour throughout the day, then you will want to consider the build quality. Consider machines with dual boilers or maybe a commercial espresso machine.
  • Will you fill the water reservoir yourself or tap into your homes water line?
      • Pay attention to the specifications to see if there is a direct plumbing options for your machine.

    When it comes to picking an espresso machine, this is how we look at it.

    What kind of drinks will you make with your new awesome espresso machine?

  • Do you want to froth milk for beautiful cappuccinos? Or steam milk for your pumpkin spiced lattes? #PSL
        • If so the semi-automatic machines are a good place to start if you want cafe quality in the comfort of your own home.
  • Do you want to grind and pull the perfect espresso shot?
        • If you are the home barista, then you will want a semi-automatic or manual lever
  • Do you want to set it and forget it?
      • If you want to be hands off other than adding water to the machine, super automatics are for you
      • If you are less about the process of making the coffee and you simply want a grade A espresso made quickly, then super automatics will have you enjoying world class espresso at home
    • Do you require multiple boilers? Or in other words, would you like to prepare espresso & steam milk simultaneously?
      • If so, be sure to pay attention to the specs on our products and select a machine that is capable of the work load you plan to put it through.
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